Friday, August 7, 2020

The ignorance of officials of culture

I learned from Melvin Bragg's column in the Daily Mail that the Department for Sport and Culture removed poetry from the CSE syllabus on the grounds that “poetry is too challenging for children.” Such a claim shows up the arrogant ignorance of officials who are clearly unaware of the popularity of nursery rhymes. As Richard Littlejohn would say, ‘you couldn’t make it up’. Nations as well as individuals live in their language which is electrified by poetry, boosting s our imagination  and giving colour to the words. 

The only way Oliver Dowden’s children, if he has any, find poetry difficult is, if,  at home they do not talk. Of course  English is a world language, so it doesn’t really matter if the natives speak it badly. They can count on foreigners to figure out what they are saying. 

It is smaller nations which treasure their  language. I had grown up in Hungary, where  the evening news had been followed every night by a popular actor performing a great poem. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if BBC or SKY would adopt the practice, allowing millions to discover the liveliness, the fun of English. 

Millions would stop disfiguring their speech with innumerable ‘you know’s and ‘’like’s. Quite apart from everything else, the economic benefits would be impressive.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Grime Artist Wiley moronic statement on the Jews

Most of us are too lazy or too stupid to figure out what is happening in this complicated world, therefore they look for one simple answer that explains everything.  

The moronic Grime singer named ‘Wiley’ is all too typical by claiming that all our troubles come from the Jews.  Then why the fuss? The answer was given by Voltaire.  “Those who can make people believe in absurdities can also make them commit atrocities”.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

My review of King Lear

Welcome everyone.  I recently done a video review of William Shakespeare play King Lear.

The most important things about the video of Shakespeare's plays is that it increases your vocabulary in a way that makes you understand more meanings of the world. 

My most often quoted line from my book "An innocent millionaire" is that "no amount of learning can cure stupidity, and formal education positively fortifies it", but it is also true that a lot of bright people think that they are stupid because they never had a chance to be introduced, to become familiar with the work of great minds.

If you have brains, even if you are ignorant then Shakespeare will wake up your mind and you will become smarter and knowledgeable about life as much as possible.

paul scofield plays king lear

I mentioned Paul Scofield in my video because he is a great actor and also because he worked with the greatest director Peter Brook.  There are many videos on King Lear, but the RSC production of King Lear in 1962 is the best by far.  You must also see Laurence Olivier's King Lear.  

laurence olivier

In Oliver's King Lear naive King Lear becomes sane by going mad when he sees the world as it is.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

My thoughts about judgement in nuremberg

I just saw again a great film which is called "judgement in nuremberg", which was directed by a great director Stanley Kramer.  The film stars  Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Maximilian Schell, Werner Klemperer, Marlene Dietrich, Judy Garland, William Shatner, and Montgomery Clift. 

I was more struck by the acting of Montgomery Clift who had a car accident and created the best performance a mentally challenged castrated worker in the movie.  Of course much the credit should go to Stanley Kramer, who brought out the best performances of all these great actors.  I did not know that Abby Mann wrote an incredibly brilliant script, which reminds me of one of my stupidest things i have ever done. 

In 1965 Christopher Plummer invited me to his house in London to a party where Abby Mann was also present.  He wanted to write the script to In Praise of Older Women, I did not know anything about him then and I told him "no".  It is one of the things  I feel like hitting my head against a wall, at least once a year.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

New videos released

Dear readers.

It has been a while since I lasted blogged, but I am hoping to start up again and I have a treat for my current subscribers.  I have recently started video blogging and hope that you can view my work.

My latest video is on review is on Voltaire Candide.  You can view the video below.

My other recent video review is on Jonathan Swift novel "Gulliver's travels".  Please view the video below.

I really am looking forward to comments about my video reviews and hope to hear from you shortly.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Gloria Vizinczey is 90

My wife Gloria is 90 and IF ONLY, my new novel, is dedicated to her. She has been the most important individual – as inspiration, editor and manager - of my life. You look at her photos as a young woman from the time when we met (she was 36 at the time) and you understand why In Praise of Older Women turned out to be such a lively novel. The articles reproduced here, especially the one written by her daughter Martha, give you a glimpse of our lives and her contribution. For the last few years I have to do some of the things she did for us - and I’m horrified to realise how hard she worked. The photos in which we look our age were made only a few days ago. As you can see we are still laughing, even after being together for over 54 years.

Here is the secret of enduring marriages: the couples must feel passionate about the same things. She was the first woman I met for whom literature was the most important thing in life. You have to be passionate about things outside of yourselves. Our favourite pastime was walking in the museums and great churches of Europe.  She is also the most intelligent woman I have ever met.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

George Walden's The New Elite

“A truthful view of men and women in the mass would throw the entire English social game out of kilter. All the fun and ferocity would go from the debate if we were deprived of our traditional up/downery and forced to think.” Penguin Books published George Walden’s The New Elites  in 2000 and  it is growing in  importance and relevance ever since as it dissects the increasingly mindless culture in which we live. More than praise I think quotes give us a good idea of the book.  “ … feelings are supreme, simply because we all have them. Intellect, being less equally distributed, is seen as divisive, a non-profitable product.” Irony is good for a smile but there are also guffaws. 

Walden quotes a waiter recommending a wine to Randolph Churchill by saying it is very popular. Randolph Churchill wasn’t pleased. “What makes you think I want to drink anything popular?” 

Walden calls up Ortega for whom man in the mass was “anti-rational, anti-intellectual, anti-culture, someone who, in his chilling phrase, wants to have done with discussion. Ortega says that for the first time in Europe appears the kind of man who does not want to give reasons even to be right, but who is determined to impose his opinions. Today, you might say, there are more of these kind of people than in the 1930s. Walden writes an “honest view of the mass society might even rid us of our parasitical elites.” If you enjoy thinking it is typical of the sorry state of our cultural life that one of the best, one of the most gifted and talented persons of our time in the country is largely being ignored. They are more or less invisible but people who feel more alive when they think are still around. And if you are one of them, George Walden’s book would brighten up the dismal winter.