Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My new book - 3 Wishes

I know I have not been blogging for a while because I have been so busy writing several versions of my new novel,  "3 Wishes". I have finally finished it.  I altogether through the years wrote more than 500,000 words, several versions.

The Spanish translation however was published some years ago at the time the book was over 200,000 words.  I got very good reviews for it all over the Spanish speaking world, including South America. Some critics even called me the new Swift, but I wasn't satisfied with the work and kept doing different versions.  I think I got it right now, this is my final version.

This is when I started the Novel

Now I have finally finished the novel, I think it is great and once it has been through the critics, I hope my dear fans will like my novel "3 wishes" as well.


Ellsworth said...

Hurray for this great news! 3 wishes is finally finished! can't wait to see it in print and read the whole thing--the excerpts are great

Santiago Bustamante González said...

We receive the news with great joy. Thank you, Sir!

Francis Berger said...

Wonderful news! I look forward to reading it.

Luis Ramirez said...

Is any date set for its release? I've been waiting for a long time this novel. I read long time ago "El Hombre del Toque Magico" and since, I want to read the English version, which at this point, probably it's very different from the Spanish version.

Anonymous said...

Yes, what are the plans for publication in English? It's Oct 31, 2015