Sunday, December 11, 2016

My tribute to A.A. Gill

He was a great writer.  Some of the best writers today are columnists. This discipline of limited space freed them from the waffle that makes most novels unreadable. The book “Prince among the best”, A.A. Gill has an easy read- concise style and at the same time has a twist in every sentence. A.A. Gill’s other book “A.A. Gill is away" - is the best and wittiest travel book ever - it keeps you glued to the page.

Jeremy Clarkson said that the world is a less intelligent place since he died. I would add that his books will keep in intelligence alive. “A.A. Gill is away” is going to be read for a long time. It is in every bookshop, which means people are asking for it and they will keep asking for it.

He was killed by tobacco at the young age of 62. He quit smoking 15 years ago, but it was already too late. Let his tragic death remind smokers who think they have plenty of time to quit, that tomorrow maybe already too late for them.

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