Saturday, January 2, 2021

Just watched the Death of Stalin.

In early 1950's the movie explains the paranoia and backstabbing when Soviet Leader, Joseph Stalin dies suddenly.    I felt the movie was written by people who know little about power and a total falsification of facts around Stalin’s death.

I felt none of the real characters thought that they could convince anybody with their arguments.  Each of the characters had some armed force behind them.  The only realistic detail was in the fact that marshal Georgy Zhukov who was the head of the red army managed to disarm Lavrenti Beria forces.  Beria was the head of the secret police the NKVD, he had information of the crimes of all the other members of the Politburo including rape, embezzlement.   

He came to meetings with his own secret police. In effect the Politburo were prisoners of Beria’s troops, but while they surrendered the central committee one of Marshal Zhukov’s generals pretended to come to inform the committee of an American attack and was able to get to the committee rooms with his brief case.  Once inside he drew out a revolver from his briefcase and shot with a silencer Beria. So while the NKVD waited outside, the committee left the room by a secret passage and went to Beria’s home to get and burn the evidence, which Beria had on all of them. It was only a day later that Beria’s troops realised that something was wrong, but by then it was too late and Marshal Zhukov’s soldiers managed to disarm them.

I was fascinated by falsehoods, what engaged about the movie is how it twisted reality of what happened after Stalin’s death, although I watched the movie to the end.

There was not much else I can remember about the movie, but I watched the movie till the end.  The movie makes me think about how history is constantly being falsified. 

I noticed that Olga Kurylenko who played Maria in the movie was very stubborn in the how she felt about Stalin.  I remember that in Hungary I was in danger of being reported that I was glad that this mass murderer died.

You can find out more about the film on IMDB

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