Thursday, December 29, 2011

Seasonal Greetings and my lecture in Madrid

I am sorry, but I am so keen to finish my new novel I haven't written a blog for a while; but I went to Madrid in November to speak at a conference on writing and the protection of intellectual rights - the protection of the rights of writers. My speech was reported in El Mundo in the 18th November 2011 issue. My Spanish readers, or readers who speak Spanish, can look it up in "News and Reviews" on my website. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all friends! Stephen V


Jigar said...

Good luck for your new novel! I have read and have really liked your "in praise of older women". Hope your new work turns out better!

Daniel Rocha said...

Hi, Stephen! How are you?

My name is Daniel Rocha and I’m a Brazilian writer, that live in Porto Alegre (a city in the south of Brazil). I discovered your “Writer's Ten Commandments”, that I thought brilliant, some years ago, and decided to write for you, and maybe I’m little rusty in my English, but hope that you are “keeping the fire alive”, as they say. Your Ten Commandments were (and are) a great inspiration. I was published only in a few anthologies with among authors, and I’m still fighting for have my novel published – but I think that everything comes in good time, if we don’t give up the fight before. And I won’t give up, even – and specially for – it’s a hard way.

I write in a blog, I don’t know if you understand Portuguese, but here it is:

“Distantes trovões” mean “Distant thunders”.

I hope that you are fine. Thanx for reading. Wish you all the best.

Unknown said...

I've been eagerly anticipated your new novel since I read and adored 'In Praise of Older Women' and subsequently hunted down 'An Innocent Millionaire'. I hope it's finished and released soon. It's funny, reading the above comment- I also live in Porto Alegre (English ex-pat) and am an aspiring writer- Children's stories mainly. Good luck and every success.

Sperin Saxe said...

It seems you have stopped blogging.

best wishes!
Sperin Saxe