Monday, July 9, 2012

Why Andy Murray lost

I believe that Andy Murray didn't win Wimbledon because he doesn't seem to have been trained in the technique of breathing while playing. He has a magnificent spirit, skill, strength and great determination which justifies all the enthusiasm and admiration he inspires. But tennis players need the right breathing technique just as much as opera singers. I remember the great Italian baritone Titto Gobbi teaching a young singer in a Masterclass how to breathe while singing, telling him that the technique has to be so perfect that he can do it without thinking of it, just like normal breathing. You certainly have never noticed Tito Gobbi breathing. You didn't notice Roger Federer breathing either while he played, while Andy Murray kept grasping for air. Once he learns the technique of breathing during a match, he will be able to beat everybody. I also think that putting all a player's strength into his serves can be overdone. There is no advantage in wasting so much energy hitting the ball (half the time into the net)and then lose easy shots because the player is tired.

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